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Macro Assignment #2.

This is my rather informal paper about TUMBLAH!

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Macro Assignment #1.


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Micro Assignment #7.

I find tumblr to be the most useful tool for communication and collaboration! With my personal tumblr I am part of an “army” of feminists. That’s some collaboration right there. (We’re not hostile at all. That’s a common stereotype of feminists, of course. It’s silly.) I don’t think our class was able to really get the hang of tumblr and its uses but I think many of us did a decent job with following each other. It wasn’t entirely helpful to the class but I wouldn’t count out future classes using it a lot more/better than we did.

The least useful tool ever is twitter. I just can never get into it. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a fancy phone or interesting life. I do still check it for celebrities and I am following some friends from my previous school. Its useful enough for seeing who is drunk and hungover when.

Social networks are useful but incredibly distracting. We live in a world where it’s nearly impossible to focus and do work. Disconnect me from the internet and I’m good - but there’s wifi everywhere on campus! When I’m trying to do work it’s tumblr, facebook, work, tumblr, tumblr, facebook, tumblr, then back to work. The amount of actual work time is probably about 1/4 of the time I spend “working”.

I would say I have learned a lot from the tumblr community, though. And people do post important things on facebook! I’m connected to the Greenpeace student network in this way.

As far as academia - social networks are a nuisance. But for real-world knowledge, activism, and the like, social networks are incredible.

Micro Assignment #6.

I’m big on honesty, so I’ll be honest: I didn’t attend an event specifically for this class.

I guess the most recent one I could write about, though, is that stupid “change your facebook profile picture to your favorite childhood cartoon character” day. It was for raising awareness about child abuse, but I’m fairly certain that part of it didn’t fully catch on - and even so, who cares? A lot of these half-assed “raising awareness” events happen on facebook and I don’t get behind any of them.

Another event would be a few weeks ago Bad Books had a nice live stream jam session going on with fans. Had I been thinking about this assignment far in advance, I would have tried getting a question asked and answered! Instead, I watched the chat room buzz and talked to my friend Tina over facebook chat about how adorable Kevin Devine is and how good they sound.

I would always recommend staying on top of your favorite musicians and watching if they do live radio shows! It is always exciting to watch real-time music even if you aren’t right there in the venue. It is especially funny and adorable when they are taking questions from fans.

Micro Assignment #5.

Build Something

I know someone posted about making a wish-list on a website, but I think my build something is even girlier.

I made an outfit on Polyvore. It is a website where you can spend hours of your life procrastinating, creating cute outfits, and drooling over items you can never afford.

I did not register for an account, because I do not want to get addicted (although, I have time over break…). When you have an account you can save your outfits and I imagine interact with others profiles.

I made this in about ten minutes with a holiday party in mind:

I don’t think I could pull off those shoes but I kinda like them. 

Caity made a post about facebook’s most recent addition. I was a little inspired. Hell yeah, that “see friendship” link is creepy and unnecessary. Facebook is creepy and unnecessary.

I have my profile set about as private as it can be. I have nothing to hide on it, anyway. But the most basic information you put out there is creepy enough. I’ve/we’ve grown to accept this as normal. The world is changing. Privacy issues are changing. The internet is creepy and amazing.

It’s something I think about often. All the cyber bullying in the news concerns me a little, but, it goes deeper than that. How about just the language we use? I say “facebook creepin’”. Many do. but there are many who say “facebook stalking”. And let’s face it - that’s what we mean by creepin’.

Stalking is serious. We’ve started to use the term lightly. All of us are guilty of seriously spending way too much time obsessing over someones facebook page. It gets messy. We get jealous over the dumbest shit. Really, do you ever find something positive when you look at your crush’s facebook page?

I can admit I struggle with this immensely because right now I am emotionally involved with a boy - but we are not together. We’re in different countries and we won’t figure things out until January. Have I gotten my stomach tied into knots over him and females on facebook? Of course. I try very hard not to, and to realize how stupid it all is. But some people don’t…people get into fights over things seen on facebook. It’s used in courts when people divorce!

I can’t get to any real point on this matter. Is it acceptable because everyone does it? Not really. but our society is changing rapidly, and what are we to do about it? Sure, delete your facebook…but come on, hardly anyone can actually go through with that.

Micro Assignment #4.

Well, I’ve commented on a couple posts throughout the semester and I don’t really recall them. I think it is probable that I was the only reply to a number of posts. The comments to my posts have been singular.

Tumblr makes it hard to respond to these replies. You can take a screen shot and create a new post, or you can privately message the person in response. I do either on my personal tumblr.

I did respond to the comment on my photo, just replying to commenter’s Micro 4 post. I figured that was fine. I could also shout out to her here and respond, because she is following me and may see it.

It’s not a useful tool for conversing for class or otherwise, really. Not everyone has the reply button on. And you have to be following the person, ie: it must show up on your dash, in order to utilize it. Sometimes you have to be following and followed by a person to use the reply button. Messaging is different. But, finding the message/ask button on a page can be difficult and some people do not have it. I feel like some of my classmates may not even know this option exists.

Yeah, basically, it can get frustrating…

In some ways one may think that this lack of easy conversation would detract from the computer aspect, but personally I think there’s still quite the tumblr community. We haven’t really achieved that for our class, though. Not everyone is on tumblr, and not everyone is actively participating. 

January 1st - 15th. Laura & the Southwest.

January 1st - 15th. Laura & the Southwest.

I really hope my advisor works out, and I am on track to graduate on time.

I am really thankful for the amount of fake meat in the dining hall this week, even if the “stew” today was not anything that remotely resembled stew.

I am happy that I seemed to be happy today, for no reason, and despite a midterm. I do enjoy spending time with a few people here.

I am thankful I have beautiful friends scattered everywhere. I am even happy when Mike IMs me out of the blue. Why do you need to tell me of all people that you just made butternut squash soup? I don’t know, but I’ll probably use that recipe. I don’t really miss him, and I know I ragged on him a lot, but that doesn’t mean he’s not important to me and my life last year.

Phone calls with Laura and Alex are essential for my survival, especially for the random giggle fits over boys. Random chats with Ryan make me smile. I’m finally getting a postcard from Matt. I love talking everyone’s ear off about how much I miss and love Jeff.

I really do need to find friends here, but I guess I’m finally at peace with the fact that my most important people are so far away. I’m not alone, even though I sometimes feel isolated here.

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